Anti-bullying Art Contest

We are thrilled to announce a new award, “The Pasquale D’Amore Prize for Kids Making A Difference”. This award is given to young artists for their efforts in raising awareness on the issue of bullying through their art.

Contest Guidelines

  • Age: 7-12 years
  • Draw and colour your own superhero whose mission is to battle bullying. Use 8 x 11 inches paper or canvas
  • At the bottom of the artwork, indicate: Name of superhero, Superhero power, Name or Initials of artist and age.
  • Medium – Colour crayons, pencil, ink, and/or paints
  • Scan original drawing/artwork created and email to: with “Anti-bullying Art contest” in the subject line. In the email, include 1-2 sentences on how the superhero will battle bullying.
  • Submission deadline: August 31, 2018

Contest Rules

  • The winners must submit the original artwork by mail to: Aaron A. Weiss, A. Weiss Comics by September 15, 2018. Address will be provided.
  • A release must be signed by the parent/guardian permitting usage of the artwork. Anti-Bullying Art Contest release, sign and submit it with the artwork.
  • The parent/guardian agrees to write and send via email, the artist (child’s) name, age, their experiences with bullying, and their preference of crediting the child by their initials or full name. Refer to artwork and whether the initial or full name is included.
  • The parent/guardian agrees to permit Aaron A. Weiss to display this information alongside the artist’s artwork on exhibit or accompanying an online post featuring the artwork.


  • There will be 5 winners in total.
  • Each winner receives one anti-bullying toolkit which consist of a comic book, “Gary’s Global Heroes Battle Bullying!”, a poster and a t-shirt.
  • Each winner will receive a certificate acknowledging them as winners of the contest.
  • Winners and selected submissions will have their artwork included in a traveling Art Exhibit, as well exhibited online to raise awareness on the issue of bullying.

About Mr. Pasquale D’Amore

Mr. Pasquale D’Amore immigrated to Windsor, Ontario as a 20-year-old, non-English speaker with very little money. Driven by dedication to wife and sons, Pasquale worked every day, including holidays, starting as a brick layer, eventually becoming the architect of a construction empire. Mr. D’Amore mentored so many people, he was referred to as “teacher.” His work ethic, belief in others, honesty, and quiet philanthropy makes him a symbol of the Canadian Dream and a perfect inspiration for a prize rewarding kids making a difference.