gary2Hi! I’m Gary – athlete and motivational speaker.

Our team of experts in education, mental health, equity and inclusion, film, media and popular culture, and community development, collaborate to bring engaging content for people of all ages- children, youth and adults.

Schools, Education Ministries/agencies, educators, Non-profit programs, public and private sector organisations, parents and individuals will be interested in our products and services.

Contact us to see how we can be of service in the education and training of your students. We can do workshops for you or you can purchase our comics and posters for your classes, programs, or camps.

New Comic Book!

Heroes Against Anti-Semitism Comic Book

A. Weiss Comics has made an open access comic book for Jewish kids to learn how to cope with anti-Semitism. Children can learn about their history and ways to deal with people who demonstrate anti-Semitic attitudes and behaviour towards them. Parents can use the comic to speak about the issue. Download the comic book, Heroes Against Antisemitism for free.

Comic book illustrations, inking and lettering by Shana Rosenfeld (designbyshanarose@gmail.com)

About us

A. Weiss Comics is a Toronto-based social enterprise whose goal is to give voice to real life stories through characters that represent the diversity of  the peoples of the world. In the AWC universe, superheroes from all backgrounds work together to address issues facing us in schools, workplaces, and society, in general.

Comics have long been a medium for telling stories to teach, educate, inform and entertain, and AWC continues this tradition with a focus on education and using the comic book form (print and online) as a pedagogical tool to create engaging content to promote learning and retention of information among its readers.

A. Weiss Comics is an educational partner of the Toronto District School Board.


“I really appreciate what you said to us about being the best we can be”. Summer camp participant, 2018.

Summer 2018

Anti-bullying workshop

“Students often get bullied ….. I feel like everything that Aaron said and talked about helped the students understand the ramifications of bullying and why it’s everyone’s job to stop bullying. It’s a serious issue that everyone needs to be aware of and if we start educating our students when they are young, especially by using comic books, it really makes an impact on how they see themselves. Everyone want to be a hero and every  single person is capable of being one! I really enjoyed the workshop. My kids all said: That was the best day ever!” Grade 3 School Teacher, Toronto, Canada

Strength of the exercise: “Allowing for student voice.” Grade 3/4 School Teacher, Toronto, Canada

Strength of the exercise: “Student involvement as role playing; open discussion; appreciation and attentive listening; visual impact of the comic; student empowerment to bring about change.” Grade 5 School Teacher, Toronto, Canada



April 20, 2018 workshops